Memory Strength Defined

How can you improve your memory? That is the big question I have tried to answer on this website.

And if you're ready to jump right in, check out my Get a Better Memory page for the steps you can take.

To me, a person's "memory strength" is how easy or hard it is for that person to remember information. Your memory strength can definitely be improved. But it is not so simple to measure.

For example, some people remember dates but have trouble with names. Others can remember baseball stats but forget where they put their car keys.

So we can't really give you a test and say, "Well, it looks like you have a memory strength of 150". Memory is much more subjective than that.

But if you are looking at this website, you probably do want to improve your memory. The good news is that even if measuring memory is hard, it is not hard to improve the memory you've got. It does require some effort on your part.

Start Improving Your Memory Strength

The first step to improving your memory is to clearly state your goals.

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Boost your Memory Strength

For example, are you a student? Maybe you want to more easily remember your school work and don't care that much about remembering people's names.

But if you are a salesperson, easily remembering names could be your number one priority.

You can also set the goal of improving your overall memory ability. Maybe you just want to be able to recall everything a little more easily.

Let me restate these two goals, then, in two ways:

  1. You want to improve the overall strength of your memory.

  2. You want to make specific memory improvements.

My own goal has been to learn all the ways for improving memory. My own natural memory ability is not that great, which is why I became interested in memory in the first place.

Because I want to give you all the memory improvement tools you need no matter what your situation is, I have included information on this website about improving your overall memory and about making specific memory improvements.

How Much Improvement to Expect?

Here's the real truth about memory improvement, based on my experience:

  1. Regarding overall memory improvement, results will vary a lot from person to person. If you already have good eating, exercise, sleep, and other memory-related habits, you might not be able to hugely increase your memory ability from what you already have.

    tuna salad
    A Healthy Diet Boosts Memory

    However, finding the right combination for your personal situation could improve your memory a lot.

    For instance, after I started taking liquid fish oil twice daily, I could really tell that my concentration and general memory ability had improved. And I noticed even more improvement once I started a regular aerobic exercise program.

    But you need to try different things to see what works best for you.

  2. Regarding specific memory skills, almost everyone can make a huge improvement. Specific memory strength is controlled by using memory techniques. Some of these methods have been used for more than 2,000 years, which proves that they work.

If you are motivated to improve your memory, my advice is to work toward both memory improvement goals.

Do the things needed to improve your overall memory - these are mostly new lifestyle habits you must learn. And also learn - and use! - the memory techniques.

If you follow that strategy, there's a good chance you will be amazed with the improvement in your memory. Improving your memory definitely takes effort, but a better memory is one of the best gifts you could ever give yourself.

The next thing to do is explore the rest of this website. Get a better understanding about the different memory improvement approaches I discuss. You might also want to check out my brief guide to how memory works.

Then, decide which habits or memory techniques you want to start using.

Published: 10/08/2015
Last Updated: 06/11/2020

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