Status of the Flash-Based Games

UPDATE (11/21/18): As of today the free Flash-based games such as Scrabble Sprint are still working. In Google Chrome, to open the games you still must re-allow Flash for my website every time you re-open Chrome (see below).

Earlier today there was a glitch in Chrome where the Flash → Allow setting was missing from Chrome's padlock menu. For me this was fixed once I updated to the latest version of Chrome, Version 70.0.3538.110. (To auto-update Chrome, type "chrome://settings/help" in the address bar and press the Enter key.)

REMINDER: The free HTML5 games are not affected by any of this. They should all work fine without having to fiddle with any settings.

LATEST: *GOOGLE CHROME (9/20/18): As of version 69 of Google Chrome, to play the Flash games you must re-allow the Adobe Flash player every time you close and re-open the browser. The "always allow" feature is gone.

The following screen image shows how to quickly re-allow Adobe Flash for my site in Google Chrome.

chrome enable flash player

After you "Allow" Flash, a "Reload" button should appear. Click that button. This reloads the page and makes the Flash player active. The Flash-based games on my site should then open for you.

Don't see the Flash → Allow setting in the lock pull-down menu in Chrome (as shown above)? You may still be able to access the Flash settings toggle through the Site Settings gear as shown in the following image:

chrome enable flash player

Click the Site Settings gear to open the Chrome Settings screen. In the Flash row, change the setting from Block to "Allow", as follows:

chrome enable flash player

At this point a "Reload" button should appear near the top of your browser. Click that button to refresh the page and activate the Adobe Flash player. You should now be able to open the Flash-based games on my site.

What Is Going On with Flash Games?

You may have noticed it is getting trickier to open the Flash-based games on my website like Scrabble Sprint. This is by design of the browser companies.

Through this year and next (2018-2019), the major browser companies will restrict Adobe Flash more and more. They are coordinating together to remove Flash from the web entirely. Near the end of 2020, the Flash games will stop working completely.

This is not what I personally would want to see happen. Unfortunately it is out of my control. The browser companies have their reasons.

I will do my best to keep the Flash games going as long as I can. And all is not lost. The HTML5-based brain games are not affected by the slow death of Flash.

HTML5 is a different, newer technology. It is enabled in your browser automatically without the need for a plug-in.

The HTML5 online games should work long into the future. So there will always be free online brain games for you to play on this site.

How to Allow Flash to Run
How to Open the Games

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GAME TIP #1: Be sure to "Allow Adobe Flash to Run" if your browser asks. More Info
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