Daughter has no short term memory

by Pauline Spencer
(Holland, Michigan, USA)

In April of 2010 my daughter had brain tumor surgery. Since then she has no short-term memory, and anxiety attacks. This is very stressful on her and her family as she has 2 young sons. There is no answer to whether she will ever get her memory back.

Doug's Reply.  What a difficult time this must be for you and your family! Your daughter's brain surgery was apparently successful, in that it treated the cancer, but the side effects of the surgery are obviously devastating.
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With any luck, though, your daughter's brain will continue to heal over time. It's discouraging that a year has passed since the surgery yet she's seen no improvement. But don't give up hope.

The human brain is highly adaptable and capable of amazing change. The new science of neuroplasticity has documented the brain's remarkable ability to re-map itself after trauma resulting from accident, surgery, or disease.

That is not to say the brain can recover from every type of injury, but that it is always possible that some functionality may return over time.

Thank you for sharing your story. I will keep your family in my thoughts and prayers, and I'm sure the many visitors to my website who read your story will do the same.

Best regards,
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Aug 08, 2011
I also suffer from Short Term Memory Loss and have Suggestions
by: Anonymous

I'm sorry to hear about your daughter's brain tumor and subsequent memory loss. I also had a brain tumor and suffer from loss of short term memory.

I had my brain surgery in Nov 2008 and spent 2 years in Cognitive Rehab working on my memory and attention. It hasn't come back, and at this point, it isn't likely it will ever come back. But, don't despair. The most important thing is that your daughter work on putting in place processes that will help her. The things I do that really help me are to have a whiteboard calendar with my appointments and important events on it. I also use index cards that tell me the date, any appointments for that day, and any to-do list items I want to get done. I take photographs of things I do throughout the day to help me feel more connected to my life. I have an alarm that goes off 3 times a day to remind me to journal about what I've done that day.

I truly feel for your daughter because I know from first had experience how frightening it is to lose your memory. One of the things that is difficult for me is feeling connected to my life, my friends and my family. So taking pictures and writing journal entries about time spent with loved ones really helps me feel connected. Losing your memory can sometimes feel lonely, so when I have those moments, I am very grateful that I have photographs to look at and journal entries to read to remind me that I am still living a life.

My best to you and your daughter.


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