Concerta together with Synaptol?

by Kim
(Denham Springs, Louisiana, USA)

Can my daughter take Synaptol in a low dosage along with her Concerta she takes daily?

Doug's Reply. I have not heard of any negative interactions between Synaptol and Concerta, Ritalin, or other pharmaceutical ADHD medications. However, I would be wary of giving your daughter homeopathic medications on top of her ADHD meds without first consulting her doctor.

More commonly I hear of parents dropping the ADHD meds entirely, replacing them with Synaptol. For example, one mother on mentioned she is giving her son Synaptol instead of Concerta and Adderall (which gave her son bad side effects). She said:
I would recommend you remove your child from the ADHD medicine for a few days before starting this. After Day 3 or so, start them. You may not see immediate results like you do with traditional ADHD medicine, but on Day 3 is when my son turned around.

So dropping the Concerta first is another option, although obviously you want to coordinate with your daughter's doctor on any change in drug regimen.

For more input, you could also contact Hellolife, the manufacturer of Synaptol, to see if they've heard from parents giving their children Synaptol on top of their regular ADHD meds. Their FAQ page does say this:
Q: Can I safely take Synaptol with medications?
A: The ingredients in Synaptol are natural and safe, but if you are currently taking prescription medications, we recommend you consult your health care professional before use.

That's kind of a catch-all answer, but you can see that they advise caution when it comes to mixing meds. Hellolife can be reached by phone at 877-676-1345 if you want to talk to them directly.

Bottom line: you should talk to your daughter's doctor first.

I hope that helps.

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Mar 05, 2012
2 days on synaptol
by: Anonymous

I just started taking synaptol and I have been on it two days. I know it says it can take a few weeks to start working but after two days I notice small effects from synaptol which is good.

I hope that in a month or so that my body responds to this natural med. and I can stop taking my other ADD meds. If I can see improvment after two days, I am sure in one month I will notice a great change and mabe be able to stop my prescribed meds and switch to synaptol wich is non-addictive.

So, like i said to make a long story Longer, LOL I have notice a difference in two day's, not a great big difference but a small one and i hope after being on this med synaptol for a month and it shows a great improvement in helping my ADD effects i will stop my Prescribed Meds so I don't have the side effects.

I wish you all well who have started taking synaptol because I am someone who always has to double up on any thing for it to work and I been taking synaptol as prescribed on the bottle and I am seeing good little changes. So if it can start to work for me I know it can work for you!

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