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Math Lines
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This colorful math brain game trains reaction time, analytic ability, and math addition skills. Shoot numbered balls together to form SUMS OF TEN. Eliminate all balls in the math line to advance to the next level.

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To begin, click the Medium button under the picture of the game. This opens the game in a pop-up window.

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Math Lines Instructions

HOW TO PLAY. Aim numbered balls in the cannon at other numbered balls in the line. Match up the number on the cannon with a ball in the line to form sums of 10.

Example: A number 6 ball is loaded in the gun. Look for a number 4 ball in the moving line and shoot your 6 ball at it. When the 6 and 4 balls collide, they sum to 10 then disappear.

To advance to the next round, eliminate all the balls in the line before they drop into the drain.

Your ball gun, in the middle of the game, is used to fire balls. You must use the ball currently loaded in the gun.

The next ball available to you is shown behind your gun. That way you can plan ahead as the game progresses.

Sometimes there are no balls in the math line that would sum with the ball in your gun to 10. You have a couple of options in this situation.

1) Shoot your numbered ball past the line and out of the game. You waste the current ball but it allows you to use the next ball coming up.

2) Shoot the ball next to other balls of the same number. This is called stacking. The benefit is that when you later get a ball the does add with those balls to 10, they all will disappear together.

Example: You have stacked four number 2 balls together in the line, and a number 8 ball is in your gun. When you shoot your number 8 ball at the stack, the 8 ball and all the 2 balls are eliminated at once.

Balls are also eliminated when two balls in the math line bump into each other adding to ten. For example, suppose there is sequence of 2,3,6,5,4,8 in the line.

If you shoot the number 5 ball with a number 5 ball from your gun, both those 5's disappear causing the 6 and the 4 in the line to come together. The 6 and 4 add up to 10, so those two balls disappear too.

Adding numbers to 10 may seem a bit simplistic for a math brain game, but as you advance through levels the game gets faster and more challenging.

For instance, sometimes the math line loops in such a way that you cannot fire on some of the balls in the line. Or the line loops completely around so that you cannot shoot unusable balls out of the game.

I found this math addition game to be very fun and addictive. Enjoy!

Published: 05/24/2010
Last Updated: 06/11/2020

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