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I'll use a little poetic license and call this a hangman game, but Alphaquest is more like a Wheel of Fortune space shooter with a hint of hangman for good measure.

To play, click the Small, Medium, or Large link under the picture of the game. This opens the game in a pop-up window.

This game is fun and challenging, and it's good for your brain.

Alphaquest Instructions

As in Wheel of Fortune, your goal in this free brain game is to figure out the missing phrase. And as in hangman, you're allowed a limited number of letter guesses.

To top it off, while solving the missing phrase you need to shoot or avoid asteroids, comets, and even alien spaceships!

As you play Alphaquest, there's lots of letter and word evaluation and spaceship action taking place simultaneously.

That's why this game trains several brain skills at once including concentration, task switching, visual perception, and information processing.

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HOW TO PLAY. The object of Alphaquest is to find the missing phrase. The phrases used in this game are common English expressions, similar to what you might see in Wheel of Fortune.

The missing phrase is often wise aphorism such as "The squeaky wheel gets the grease." Unlike Wheel of Fortune, there are no categories.

Along the top of the Alphaquest screen are groupings of underlined spaces each separated by a gap. This represents the missing phrase you need to identify. The spaces are where the letters are placed. The gaps represent the spacing between each word.

Below this area is your spaceship flying left to right through space. Letters and obstacles such as asteroids float around this area. Use the Arrow keys or WASD keys to control your flight. To shoot obstacles, press the Spacebar.

To pick up a letter, fly your ship into the letter. Flickering "wildcard" letters appear occasionally. Always pick these up, since they'll automatically help fill in the missing phrase.

At the bottom of the screen are 6 underlined spaces. This is where incorrect letter guesses are placed automatically. For example, if you fly your ship over a "Z" but the letter z is not part of the phrase you're solving, the Z appears in one of these blanks.

alphaquest score

If you guess 7 letters in one level incorrectly, the game is over.

Individual letters of the alphabet float all around the screen. You need to decide which letters may fit in the missing phrase. At first, as in Wheel of Fortune and in hangman, you'll have to blindly guess.

After you fill in a few letters, try to figure out the phrase. Select the correct letters from then on to finish the level.

Completing a phrase completes a level. Between levels, your score is totaled. Your total score score is broken down by Letter Score, Bonus Score, and Level Score.

SOUND EFFECTS. You can mute either the background music, the game sound effects or both. To do so, click the Sound Effects or Soundtrack buttons in the upper left corner of the game's splash screen.

STRATEGY. To improve your chances, use the ETAOINSHRDLU trick Edgar Allan Poe taught me which helps you win at hangman and similar games.

Poe realized that since certain letters of the alphabet appear more often than others (for example, you see a lot more "e" letters on the page of any book than "z"), it should be possible to rank them in order of frequency. He came up with ETAOINSHRDLU as the commonest letters in order of frequency.

Your brain is highly engaged when playing Alphaquest. That's why this is a great brain game. Not only are you dodging obstacles in space. You're evaluating an incomplete phrase to decide whether various floating letters are good or bad choices to complete the phrase.

There's a lot going on in this game for your brain to keep track of. Playing games like Alphaquest stretches your mental abilities and keeps your brain sharp.

Published: 08/31/2014
Last Updated: 06/11/2020

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