100 Large Free Sudoku Printables (Scroll Down)

I've created more free sudoku printables, by popular request. The 100 puzzles below are in a large, one-per-page format. Choose from easy, medium, hard, or very hard level of difficulty.

Note: For more free printable sudoku, see the 100 Free Printable Sudoku Puzzles page.

The solutions are available on the puzzle page and are printable as well. Feel free to print and solve as many of these sudoku puzzles as you like.

Each sudoku printable page has one zoomed-in puzzle. The large puzzle size provides lots of room for you to tag guesses in cells or make notes along the side of the puzzle. Anyone with poor vision should find these puzzles easy to see.

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The 100 Free Sudoku Printables

25 Large EASY Sudoku Printables - Free

The following free sudoku puzzles are "easy" level of difficulty. Scroll down for the "medium/intermediate", "hard", and "very hard" puzzles.

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25 Large MEDIUM Sudoku Printables - Free

The following free sudoku puzzles are "medium" level of difficulty. Scroll down to find the "hard" and "very hard" puzzles. Scroll up for the "easy" puzzles.

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25 Large HARD Sudoku Printables - Free

The following free sudoku puzzles are "hard" level of difficulty. Scroll down for the "very hard" puzzles. Scroll up for the "easy" and "medium" puzzles.

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25 Large VERY HARD Sudoku Puzzles - Free

The following free sudoku puzzles are "very hard" level of difficulty. Scroll up for the "easy", "medium", and "hard" puzzles.

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My Large-Print Sudoku Puzzle Book Series

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Tired of printing out large sudoku puzzle pages one by one? Buy my awesome sudoku puzzles books instead!

I've created a series of five large-print sudoku books that I call "Huge Print Sudoku". The sudoku grids in these books are as large as I could possibly fit on the 8.5"x11" page. The books are available for purchase on Amazon.com.

The puzzle book shown at left, Easy to V. Hard #1 includes 25 Easy, Medium, Hard, and Very Hard sudoku puzzles. The other four books are 100 Easy, 100 Medium, 100 Hard, and 100 Very Hard large-print sudoku.

The big puzzles in these books are one puzzle to a page. That makes the puzzles much easier to see and work with compared to most puzzle books. A very large-print puzzle is ideal for seniors or anyone with vision issues.

Even someone with good vision can benefit, if they have tremors from Parkinson's disease or other conditions. The big cells in the puzzle grid make it easier to write the number in the box.

The solutions (answers) to the large-print sudoku puzzles are in the back of each book. The solutions themselves are huge, too, for easy viewing.

More About the Free Printable Sudoku Puzzles

As mentioned, the free sudoku printables linked above are one to a page, unlike the other collection. I thought four-sudoku-to-a-page was a good idea at the time.

Cramming four on a page does have its advantages. The main benefit is you get four sudoku puzzles one sheet, which saves paper.

On the down side, I had to shrink those puzzles so all four would fit on a single page. This doesn't leave much room for annotating each puzzle with tag numbers as you try to solve it.

Also, the four-to-a-page can feel a little cramped. Folks with eyesight problems may have trouble reading the numbers on those.

The new larger sudoku printables here correct all those issues. I hope you enjoy solving them.

Are you the publisher of a newsletter, bulletin, newspaper, or magazine? Include a sudoku puzzle or word search puzzle in each issue. Your readership will love it! (In your publication, simply include the following copyright statement next to the puzzle: "© Memory-Improvement-Tips.com. Reprinted by Permission.")

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Review of Sudoku Rules

For those new to sudoku, I'll quickly go over the rules.

Note: To learn powerful strategies for solving sudoku, see Kevin Rush's free guide here. You'll learn advanced techniques such as Ghosting, RC Counting, Tagging, and Line Checking.

The rules of sudoku are straightforward. Enter a number 1 through 9 in each cell of the puzzle such that no number is repeated in any row, column, or 3-by-3 square.

Sudoku Printables

The puzzle is solved once you have filled in all the small squares following this rule. Every sudoku puzzle has only a single solution.

Sudoku puzzles consist of a large square divided into a 9-by-9 grid. There are nine rows and nine columns. Each row has nine small squares. Each column has nine small squares. These small squares are also known as cells.

The grid is further subdivided into 3-by-3 boxes. There are nine of these. (See the sudoku puzzle image at left as an example.)

As I mentioned above, you need to enter a single digit 1 through 9 in each of the 81 small squares in the puzzle. The number 0 is not used.

I recommend using a pencil with an eraser, since it's quite typical when solving sudoku puzzles to make a few errors along the way.

You are allowed to make notes and other marks on the sudoku printable. One common strategy is to enter guesses in small writing in the cells. This is known as tagging.

Another is to list the numbers 1 through 9 on the side of the puzzle. Once you've found all instances of a number, cross that number off your list. That way you won't waste time checking numbers you've finished searching. See Kevin Rush's sudoku strategy guides for a detailed explanation of this and other tricks.

Sudoku is one of my favorite number puzzles. It's great for sharpening brain skills such as concentration and numerical reasoning. I hope you enjoy this collection of 100 large-size sudoku printables.

Published: 07/19/2020
Last Updated: 10/26/2022

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