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The Ruffle Flash games on this page do not run well on phones or tablets. To play these games, please visit this page on a desktop computer.

For games that run on mobile, please visit the:
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lightning librarian

Welcome to the Ruffle Flash games page. The old Flash brain games below were created with now-obsolete Adobe Flash. But thanks to Ruffle, a Flash player plug-in, you can play them once more!

These Flash games run best on a desktop computer. They probably won't work on your tablet or mobile phone.

I've posted these Adobe Flash games here for those who were sad to see them go. As you may know, they were replaced with HTML5-based brain games that run in modern browsers and on mobile.

The Ruffle Flash Games - Old Adobe Flash Games Reborn

You don't need to download the Ruffle plug-in. I've installed the Ruffle Flash Player on this page, behind the scenes. Note: Ruffle is not 100% optimized yet. The games may be slow to open or have errors.

How to Open a Game. Click the Play Game button under the picture of the game. This opens the game in a pop-up window. Click the triangle play button on the pop-up window to start the game.

Air Typer air typer
All On Lights all on puzzle
All or None all or none
Basic Solitaire basic solitaire
Brain Follow brain follow
Curve Ball curve ball
Emerald Thief emerald thief
Glitter Memory glitter memory
Ice Cream Stand ice cream stand
Idiot Test idiot test
Lemonade Larry lemonade larry
Lightning Librarian lightning librarian
Mario Memory mario memory
Quick Pic Memory quic pic memory
School Supply Snap school supply snap
Scrabble Sprint scrabble sprint
Spider Solitaire spider solitaire
Tetris Original original tetris
Tom & Jerry Snack tom and jerry
Very Simple Game very simple game

*Note: Games with an asterisk (*) on the Play Game button were created with a more advanced version of Adobe Flash. With these games, you may see a Ruffle alert on the game pop-up window.

The alert lets you know that some features of the game might not work. You can bypass it by clicking the "Run Anyway" button.

Scrabble Sprint shows the alert when I open it, for example. But when I tested the game, I didn't notice any problems or glitches.

More About Ruffle Flash and the Old Flash Games

For many years Adobe Flash was used to create awesome online games found across the web. But in 2021 the major internet browsers and the Adobe company ended the use of Flash software.

As a result, all the Flash games stopped working.

Thankfully, volunteers at have made it their mission to resurrect the old Flash games. They want to make them playable again.

The games on this page run their Ruffle plug-in in the background.

Many of the old Flash games I hosted on this site in previous years do not yet run on Ruffle. That's because Ruffle is still a work in progress by the volunteers.

The games above do work pretty well, but they may have some glitches. The games are "as is". Your mileage may vary.

Because I've consolidated all the Flash and Ruffle game code on this one page, the games may open slowly. This is to be expected.

I hope you enjoy these old Ruffle Flash games!

Published: 10/04/2013
Last Updated: 11/22/2022 TEST

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