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This is the back issues page for Free Memory Tips, a free-of-charge email newsletter I send out about once a month. The newsletter provides subscribers with a regular flow of tips, tricks, and techniques for improving memory and brain power.

This page is a library of past issues. Anyone, whether a subscriber or not, may view the previous issues below.

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Free Memory Tips - Back Issues Library

This is your chance to preview the types of powerful brain-boosting tips you will receive each month by email if you subscribe. Subscribers can use this library as a convenient way to review topics from previous months.

  • May 2020 back issue

    May 2020 Back Issue: Bad Memory? Don't Despair. Instead, Act! Articles - 5 Important Side Effects of Turmeric; Lost Memories Return After Accident; Shut Your Eyes to Remember. Free Online Brain Games - Bubble Pop Adventures game, Snakes & Ladders game, Waffle Anagrams game. Free Printable - Spring Crossword Puzzle

  • April 2020 back issue

    April 2020 Back Issue: Take Up the Challenge
    Articles - Absorbent Learning: Use Your White Spaces; Smoking Increases Risk of Dementia; Sudoku: How to Play & Win
    Free Online Brain Games - Mahjong Dimensions, Battleship War, Slope Game
    Free Printable - 5 Best Study Skills

  • September 2017 back issue

    September 2017 Back Issue. In Seniors, Poor Vision May Increase Dementia Risk; Tips for Banishing Forgetfulness; 3 Tips to Increase Your Reading Speed; Free Online Brain Games: Improve LOGICAL REASONING skills.

  • June 2017 back issue

    June 2017 Back Issue. Too Much Stress Can Worsen Your Memory; My Life Post Brain Surgery; Two Powerful Ways to Improve Your Memory; FREE Online Brain Games: Improve your TIME MANAGEMENT skills.

  • May 2017 back issue

    May 2017 Back Issue. Walking Helps Brain Power Directly; Eat Foods High in Magnesium to Boost Memory; How to Solve Life's Unsolvable Problems; FREE Online Brain Games: Improve MEMORY skills.

  • February 2017 back issue

    February 2017 Back Issue. Study Tip - Illusions of Competence Trap; Grandpa's Dementia Inspires Memory Improvement Book; To Remember Better, Use Your Verbal AND Non-Verbal Memory; FREE Online Brain Games: Improve VISUAL PERCEPTION skills.

  • January 2017 back issue

    January 2017 Back Issue. How Your Memory Works - A Quick Guide; Wacky, Wet, and Wobbly - A True Story of Undiagnosed Hydrocephalus; Beat Procrastination in School or at Your Job; FREE Online Brain Games: Improve MATH skills.

  • December 2016 back issue

    December 2016 Back Issue. How to Memorize a Toast; Play Working Memory Card Games to Boost Reading, Math Skills; How I Memorized Darth Vader Quotes for Halloween; FREE Online Brain Games: Improve LOGICAL REASONING skills.

  • August 2016 back issue

    August 2016 Back Issue. Powerful Visual Trick to Remember Anything, 40% Off Memory Courses, and More: To Memorize, Sketch a Quick Cartoon; Listen Up! Better Listening Boosts Concentration; 100 Free Printable Sudoku Puzzles.

  • June 2016 back issue

    June 2016 Back Issue. This Quick Fix Boosts Your Memory and Brain Power Instantly; Powerful Trick for Learning a Language; Free Printable Bible Word Searches; FREE Online Brain Games: Improve VISUAL PERCEPTION skills. This type of memory is the ability to quickly process information received visually, through the eyes.

  • May 2016 back issue

    May 2016 Back Issue. Memorize State Capitals (and Anything Else) the Fun and Easy Way; Your Memory Is Not a Thing: Top 10 Myths About Memory; Worried About Memory Loss? Turmeric Spice May Protect Your Brain; FREE Online Brain Games: Improve SHORT-TERM MEMORY skills. This type of memory is used when learning new information and during problem solving.

  • March 2016 back issue

    March 2016 Back Issue. William Curtis' Natural Treatment for Parkinson's: Coconut Oil Coffee; Stand Up to Learn Better: Standing Desks Boost Test Scores by 14%; What's Your Blood Type? AB Linked to 82% Higher Risk of Dementia; O Blood Type Lower Risk; FREE Online Brain Games: Improve SHORT-TERM MEMORY skills.

  • February 2016 back issue

    February 2016 Back Issue. Don't Eat Late at Night: It Can Hurt Your Memory; Examine Your Day: A Before-Sleep Ritual to Calm the Brain; Create Memories Without Sleeping: Take 10-Minute Time-Outs; FREE Online Brain Games: Improve MATH skills. Strong math skills help you quickly and accurately perform numerical calculations in everyday life.

  • January 2016 back issue

    January 2016 Back Issue. Singing Improves Memory & Mood in Early Dementia Patients; 3D Video Games Could Improve Your Memory Recall; Rosemary Scent May Help You Remember to Do Things; FREE Brain Games: Improve TIME MANAGEMENT skills. Plan, prioritize, and reach goals by choosing the right resources under pressure of time.

  • Nov/Dec 2015 back issue

    Nov/Dec 2015 Back Issue. Sleep on Your Side to Remove Brain Toxins; Foreign Languages: Visualize to Memorize; Memory Loss after Heart Operation; FREE Brain Games: Improve VISUAL PERCEPTION skills. Visual perception is the ability to quickly process information received visually, through the eyes.

  • October 2015 back issue

    October 2015 Back Issue. Read Out Loud (to Someone) to Improve Retention; Solitaire Card Game Boosts Working Memory; Double Your Focus Power with Pomodoros (a Tomato Timer); FREE Brain Games: Improve LOGICAL THINKING skills. Logical thinking is used to understand new information and during problem solving.

  • May/June 2015 back issue

    May/June 2015 Back Issue. Positive Mood Improves Working Memory and Decision Making; Challenge Your Brain with Free Online College Courses; To Boost Alertness, Drink Peppermint Tea; FREE Brain Games: Improve SHORT-TERM MEMORY. Short-term memory is used when learning new information and during problem solving.

  • April 2015 back issue

    April 2015 Back Issue. Social Activity is Key to Strong Memory in Old Age; Retrieve "Lost" Episodic Memories and Strengthen New Ones; Use Mental Rehearsal to Improve Skill Performance; FREE Brain Games: Improve MATH skills. Train math-related skills like logical reasoning, quantitative reasoning, and arithmetic.

  • March 2015 back issue

    March 2015 Back Issue. Candle Concentration: An Exercise to Boost Attention & Visual Imagery Skills; Memory Technique Example: The 10 Elements of Paleo; Grow Your Vocabulary with a Personal Running Word List; FREE Brain Games: Improve TIME MANAGEMENT skills. Plan, prioritize, and reach goals by choosing the right resources under pressure of time.

  • February 2015 back issue

    February 2015 Back Issue. The Treadmill Desk: Get Smarter, Be Healthier, Live Longer; Dementia Risk from Long-Term Use of Benadryl, Tylenol PM, Dramamine; Powerful Secrets for Boosting Your Vocabulary; FREE Brain Games: Improve CONCENTRATION skills, an important brain skill related to attention span and focus.

  • January 2015 back issue

    January 2015 Back Issue. Memorization Pegs: The Number-Shape System, and Why We Forget; Suspect Alzheimer's? Try the Clock Draw Test; Block Blue Light at Night to Improve Sleep & Memory; FREE Brain Games: Improve VISUAL PERCEPTION skills which accelerate thinking speed and boost related brain skills such as information processing and spatial orientation.

  • December 2014 back issue

    December 2014 Back Issue. Tip of the Tongue, and Why We Forget; Trans Fat Linked to Memory Decline; Learning a Second Language Boosts Brainpower; FREE Brain Games: Improve PROBLEM SOLVING skills, including mental abilities like logical reasoning, quantitative reasoning, and arithmetic.

  • November 2014 back issue

    November 2014 Back Issue. Even a Short-Term Cardio Program Strengthens Brain Power; Cocoa Flavanols Boost Memory by Decades; Look, Snap & Connect to Remember; Low Vitamin D? You May Be at Increased Risk for Dementia; FREE Brain Games: Improve VERBAL FLUENCY, including skills like vocabulary, spelling, and reading comprehension.

  • October 2014 back issue

    October 2014 Back Issue. Memorize Poems to Strengthen Your Memory; Laughter Boosts Memory; To Better Remember a Book or Online Course, Memorize Chapter Titles; FREE Brain Games: Improve THINKING SPEED . Thinking speed includes mental skills such as visual perception, information processing, and spatial orientation.

  • September 2014 back issue

    September 2014 Back Issue. You Have an Amazing Memory; An Apple a Day... Protects Your Brain! 20-Minute Power Naps Boost Memory; FREE Brain Games: Short-Term Memory. You use this type of memory, for example, to remember a phone number long enough to dial it. The stronger your short-term memory, the better you'll perform on complex tasks and projects.

  • August 2014 back issue

    August 2014 Back Issue. Have Your Memory Tested If You Think It's Getting Worse; Build your muscle of Attention with daily meditation practice; Frequently heading the ball in soccer may cause brain injury; Featured Free Brain Games that Train Processing Speed.

  • July 2014 back issue

    July 2014 Back Issue. To Recall a Fact, Think AROUND It; Eat Blueberries to Boost Short-Term Memory and Prevent Memory Loss; 10 Warning Signs of Alzheimer's Disease; "Chunk" to Remember Long Numbers; Featured Free Brain Games.

  • June 2014 back issue

    June 2014 Back Issue. Overeating Carbs and Sugar Causes Memory Loss; To Remember What You Read, Ask Questions; Green Tea Boosts Memory & Protects Against Dementia; Plus Three Featured FREE Online Brain Games, including Rise of Atlantis and Pacxon.

  • May 2014 back issue

    May 2014 Back Issue. To Read Faster, Use Your Finger as a Pacer; Abe Lincoln: To Memorize, Repeat the Information Out Loud; To Memorize Someone's Name, Make a Crazy Mental Image; Plus Three Featured FREE Online Brain Games.

  • April 2014 back issue

    April 2014 Back Issue. For Alzheimer's Patients, Exercise May Be the Best Medicine; Whole Eggs Can Boost Memory; Weight Loss Improves Memory in Overweight Women; How to Memorize a List of Codes; Commutative Property Flash Cards; FREE Brain Games.

As you can see, the topics covered in each issue are listed to the right of the month. Click the link to view the actual back issue for that month.

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