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illusions of competence Study Tip: How to Avoid the Illusions of Competence Trap
Many students find out during an exam that they actually don't know the material, even though they believed they knew it when they were studying it. This is a study trap called "illusions of competence." It is the cause of many bad grades. Learn how to recognize and avoid it!
grandpas dementia Grandpa's Dementia Inspires Memory Improvement Book
Matthew Welp, Author: My grandpa was a very special man. Sadly, he was afflicted with dementia, and over time lost much of himself. Largely because of this, I have spent a lot of time reflecting on the mind and how it remembers.
Verbal Non-Verbal memory To Remember Better, Use Your Verbal AND Non-Verbal Memory
Want to improve your long-term memory? Then take advantage of this amazing fact: Your brain processes verbal and non-verbal input separately. Give your brain two pathways of recall.
FREE AND FUN Thinking Game

DEFEND YOUR CASTLE: Join me on Goodgame Empire, a castle-building strategy game. Form an alliance or go it alone, and build up your walls and your army.

My character, Sir IronThor, has reach level 64 and is still going strong. Goodgame Empire is free-to-play. See you in the game!

Note: Goodgame Empire can be only played on a desktop browser. If you are viewing this on mobile, return to this link next time you're on a desktop computer.
FREE Online Brain Games: VISUAL PERCEPTION Games
free online brain games There are over 250 free brain games on my website, Play them in your browser anytime.

Below are links to three online games that train visual perception. This type of brain skill is the ability to quickly process information received visually, through the eyes.

Play these free games now to give your brain a boost. No restrictions, no logging in. Just pick a game, go to the game page, and start playing.

Note: For the games to run, the free Adobe Flash Player must be installed in your browser. (See here if you need help.) The games work best on a desktop computer using Google Chrome or other modern browser.
classic snake gameClassic Snake game
The goal of Snake is to eat a many food pellets as possible. Guide your snake over the food pellet to eat it. But don't hit the walls, and don't hit your own tail!
shell gameShell Game
Watch the pea as it's hidden by the shells. If you see this game being played on the street, it is often a swindle or confidence game. But here it's just a brain game played for fun.
Eye TesterEye Tester game
Find the items in the room as fast as you can. The items are listed at the bottom of the screen. Click the items in the room to check them off the list. Use the Hint button if you get stuck!
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Best regards,
Douglas Jobes

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free brain games

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