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So much to remember, so little time

MAY 2014. Welcome to my free Memory Tips email newsletter. Ready to boost your brain power?

Below are powerful strategies for improving your memory. Plus I've included links to free online brain games that can strengthen your thinking skills.

Here's what's in this issue:

  • To Read Faster, Use Your Finger as a Pacer

  • Abe Lincoln: To Memorize, Repeat the Information Out Loud

  • To Memorize Someone's Name, Make a Crazy Mental Image

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My goal is to help you learn faster and remember more. That's why I created and this email newsletter.

The secret to a more powerful brain is two-fold: improve your brain health, and learn memory techniques. This can lead to more success and fulfillment in life!

To Read Faster, Use Your Finger as a Pacer

Too much to read, and not enough time? Use speed reading techiques to read faster and remember the material better.

Speed reading methods were developed long ago, and they work. Speed reading can help you read more in a shorter amount of time; when done properly you'll also enjoy better recall of the material.

The "reading pacer" is an essential tool taught in many speed reading courses. Use your pacer to underline the words as you read.

Fortunately, you already own one of these tools: your finger! You can use your finger as the pacer, or an object like a pen.

Here's how it works: Underline the words on the page with your finger as you read, line by line.

Move your finger along as quickly as you can while still understanding what you're reading. Over time, try to increase the speed your hand moves across the page.

Speed reading works because the eye doesn't normally read smoothly. Fixations and regressions slow you down. A pacer can keep your eye on track, which can improve speed, concentration, and comprehension. The next time you're reading a book or article, give it a try.

Abe Lincoln: To Memorize, Repeat the Information Out Loud

Only children read out loud, right? Abraham Lincoln would disagree. Famous for his reliable memory, Lincoln's favorite memorization technique was verbal repetition.

Lincoln used verbal repetition to prepare for national debates. He would read newspapers and law books out loud, repeating the facts. Early in his career, this practice often annoyed the partner who shared his law office, but Lincoln didn't care.

The next time you want to memorize something, repeat it out loud clearly and distinctly three times. You may find this creates a stronger memory of the information.

Verbal repetition might not be appropriate in every situation. But as Lincoln's story proves, it might just work for you. Who cares if it seems silly, if it works!

To Memorize Someone's Name, Make a Crazy Mental Image

In the Face-Name Memory Technique, there are five steps to remembering someone's name. Step 4, associating the person's face to their name in a mental picture, often throws people for a loop.

Sure, if the name is Baker, you can easily imagine them baking an gigantic cake. Names like Fisher, Shoemaker, or Woods are easy to visualize.

But what about a first or last name that doesn't represent a physical object or action, like Stephanie or Karlamangla?

The secret is to think of an image that *sounds like* the name, or even just part of the name. Here's an example:

I've just met Robert, and I want to remember his name. To me, "Robert" sounds like the word robber. Well, robbers wear masks. So I'll imagine Robert's face with a black robber's mask across his eyes.

If I review the image mentally, the next time I meet Robert the image of his face with a robber's mask will pop into my mind. I'll think, robber mask... oh, Hi Robert!

Take my word on this. With practice, you can learn to quickly create a mental image for almost any name.

What about a difficult first AND last name, perhaps Robert Walensky? No problem. Imagine the bizarre image of Robert wearing a robber's mask while skiing down an impossibly tall wall.

When that image comes to mind the next time you meet, the robber mask gives the clue for his first name, while the wall and the skiing provides the last name.

This method of remembering names sounds crazy, but if you practice it enough, it works like magic.

Featured FREE Brain Games

There are 235 free brain games on my website, You can play them online anytime. No restrictions, no logging in. Just pick a game, go to the game page, and start playing.

Here are three games I've added to the site recently:

Daily Crossword Puzzle. Solve a new crossword puzzle online every day. Clues are listed along the right side of the puzzle. This online crossword game has great features including hide/show errors, keyboard shortcuts, and solve word/puzzle.

Brain Safari. Train logic, math, memory, and vision skills all in one game. The mini-games in Brain Safari take you on a fun brain training journey with an animals and fruit theme. You can play in normal mode or practice mode.

Solitaire Mult-Game. Probably the most well-made online card solitaire game I've ever seen. This version includes 9 types of card solitaire in one. Play regular solitaire, Freecell, Spider Solitaire, and more right in your browser.

That's all for now, and thanks for reading. For lots more tricks and strategies to improve your brain, visit the Get a Better Memory page on my website.

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Best regards,
Douglas Jobes
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