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memorize a toast How to Memorize a Toast
Need to give a toast at an upcoming event, but afraid you'll mess up and forget what you want to say? Memorize your toast beforehand using memory techniques! That's what I did recently, and my toast went great.
Working Memory Games Play Working Memory Card Games to Boost Reading, Math Skills
Do you have trouble remembering what you read? Do you struggle with math? A poor working memory could be to blame. A fun and effective way to improve your working memory is to play working memory card games.
memorize halloween quotes How I Memorized Darth Vader Quotes for Halloween
During Halloween, do you dress up as a well-known character to go Trick-or-Treating or for Halloween parties? Next time, take your costume to the next level. Memorize your character's well-known quotes, like I did this year.
FREE AND FUN Thinking Game

DEFEND YOUR CASTLE: Join me on Goodgame Empire, a castle-building strategy game. Form an alliance or go it alone, and build up your walls and your army.

My character, Sir IronThor, has reach level 61 and is still going strong. Goodgame Empire is free-to-play. See you in the game!

Note: Goodgame Empire can be only played on a desktop browser. If you are viewing this on mobile, return to this link next time you're on a desktop computer.
free online brain games There are over 250 free brain games on my website, Play them in your browser anytime.

Below are links to three online games that train logical reasoning. Logical reasoning is the ability to find solutions quickly and accurately using logic.

Play these free games now to give your brain a boost. No restrictions, no logging in. Just pick a game, go to the game page, and start playing.

Note: For the games to run, the free Adobe Flash Player must be installed in your browser. (See here if you need help.) The games work best on a desktop computer using Google Chrome or other modern browser.
picross nonogramsPicross Nonograms game
Picross Nonograms is a number puzzle game where you reveal a hidden image by evaluating number clues. This game includes an amazing 100 free nonograms to solve.
all or noneAll or None Card game
All Or None is a challenging brain game that tests logical reasoning. Choose three cards that either match OR don't match with regard to color, shape, fill, or number. It's tough!
Lightning BugsLightning Bugs Connect game
This Lightning Bugs Connect game is colorful and challenging. Link bugs of the same color for points! Logical thinking is required to plan ahead so you don't leave lone lightning bugs at the end.
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free brain games

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