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Play All Or None (Ruffle Flash):

All Or None is a challenging brain game that tests concentration, logical reasoning, and visual perception. Play it online free.

To begin, click the Small, Medium, or Large button under the picture of the game. This opens the game in a pop-up window.

Choose three cards that either match OR don't match with regard to color, shape, fill, or number. It's tough!

Even though this game was built with Adobe Flash, it still works thanks to the Ruffle plug-in.

All Or None - Instructions

To begin playing, wait for the game to load, then click the START button.

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HOW TO PLAY. In All Or None, your goal is to select groups of 3 matching (or non-matching) cards. You get 1 point for every correct match.

You need to not only focus intently in this game. You've only got 2 minutes to score as many points as you can. Plus, if you choose wrongly, a point is deducted from your score.

all or none
Got it Right!

So here's how it works: There is a deck of 81 cards. Fifteen cards are displayed on the screen at a time.

Each card has 4 properties: color, shape, fill, and number. For example, on a particular card you might see two blue shaded diamonds. So that card has blue, diamond, shaded, and two as its properties.

What you need to do is select 3 cards that have either all the same of a property or all different.

To select a card, simply click it once. After you click the third of 3 cards, a message displays either Right or Wrong on screen.

To help you better understand the rules for this game, below I've provided an example of a correct 3-card match followed by an example of an incorrect 3-card match.

Example 1 - A Correct 3-Card Match

Remember, for each property, all the card must be the SAME or be DIFFERENT.

all or none
Correct 3-Card Match

For this set of cards, which were correctly selected, here's how that breaks down:

  • Shape - all the cards show the SAME shape, which is an oval

  • Fill - all the cards show the SAME shading (fill). The shapes are all completely filled.

  • Color - the cards all have a DIFFERENT color. The first card is red, the second card is green, and the third card is blue.

  • Count - the cards all have a DIFFERENT count. The first card has one shape, the second card has two shapes, and the third card has three shapes.

Next, I'll show you an example of three incorrectly selected cards, where the individual properties have mixed values instead of being all the same or all different.

Example 2 - A Wrong 3-Card Match

Okay, now lets take a look at an example of three cards that are not correct.

all or none
Wrong 3-Card Match

  • Shape - all the cards show the SAME shape, which is a diamond. So this property is fine.

  • Fill - the cards show MIXED fills. The first two cards are filled completely with a solid color, but the third card is shaded with diagonal lines. That means for the "fill" property these three cards are not all the same or all different. That makes these three cards WRONG.

  • Color - the cards show MIXED colors. The first card is red, but the second and third cards are blue. That means for the "color" property these three cards are not all the same or all different. As with the fill, this also makes these three cards WRONG.

  • Count - the cards all have a DIFFERENT count. There is one shape on the first card, two shapes on the second card, and three shapes on the third card. They are all different for count, so the count property is fine.

In the "incorrect" example above, two of the properties (Shape and Count) are either all the same or all different. So those properties follow the rules of the All or None game and are fine.

The problem in the incorrect example is that the other two properties (Fill and Color) do NOT follow the rules. Their individual values are mixed, making this 3-card selection not valid.

All Or None is not your typical card game. But it sure is a challenge and a great brain game. See how high of a score you can earn.

Play this game every day for awhile to give your brain a boost!

If you'd like to post your score for others to see, feel free to take a screen print and post it in the FB Comments section below.

Published: 03/15/2017
Last Updated: 06/11/2020

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