Free Online Daily Crossword Puzzle

online daily crossword

Here's an online daily crossword you're sure to enjoy. Every day, a new crossword puzzle is available for you to solve.

To open today's crossword puzzle, click the OPEN button under the picture at left. This opens the crossword in a pop-up window.

You don't need to print it out. Instead, you can solve the puzzle right in your browser.

Online Daily Crossword - Instructions

Crossword puzzles make great brain games. They train brain skills like verbal fluency and memory, especially.

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HOW TO PLAY. This online puzzle follows the usual rules of printed crosswords. Clues are provided along the right side of the puzzle. Type your answers directly in the puzzle grid.

To position your cursor in the grid, click the cell where you want the cursor to be.

Beside using your mouse, you can also navigate the online daily crossword puzzle using the Arrow keys.

These keys can also be used to switch from Across highlighting to Down highlighting in the puzzle. (Try it, you'll see what I mean.)

Each clue is numbered. Some numbers are associated with both Across and Down clues.

For example, there might be a #11 in the Across and Down clue lists. The #11 Across clue might be "Feline, to Tweety", while the #11 Down clue might be "Source of income for many island nations."

That they share the same clue number simply means the answers for the Across and Down clues happen to share the same starting box.

Puzzle Options

online daily crossword

REVEAL LETTER. The Reveal Letter options in this online daily crossword can help you get unstuck.

To show the correct letter for a particular cell on the crossword grid, click the cell to highlight it, then click the Revel Letter button at the bottom of the puzzle. The correct letter displays in the cell box.

CHECK MOVES. After you've entered a few solutions, you might want to check that your answers so far are correct. That's where the Check Moves option comes in handy.

To verify your entries, click the Check Moves button whenever you wish. Incorrect entries display in red.

Some people find crossword puzzles frustrating. Sure, you might know some of the answers, but what about all those blank entries?

With a printed crossword, it's particularly annoying since the crossword puzzle stares at you day after day, uncompleted.

Well, with an online daily crossword puzzle, you don't need to worry about it. The puzzle will be gone tomorrow, replaced by a brand new one! So just do your best.

Practice solving this online crossword a few times a week. On other days, train with the hundreds of other free puzzles and brain games on this site. It's simply good for your brain.

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Game distributed by Used with Permission.

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