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A few years ago one of my in-laws recommended the Select Comfort adjustable Sleep Number bed to me. I didn't listen and instead purchased a high-end inner-spring mattress.

I regret that decision, as now I am forced to sleep on an uncomfortable, lumpy bed.

And of course few things can make you more miserable than never getting a restful night's sleep.

The inner-spring mattress was great for about six months. I flipped it and turned it as often as I could but moving a California King around is no easy task.

Eventually the inner springs started to sag, and now I'm stuck with a too-expensive mattress that is horrible to sleep on.

My in-law had special reason to be pleased with his Select Comfort Sleep Number bed. At the time he weighed 400 lbs which is technically morbidly obese. Because of his weight, he has for a long time experienced poor sleep and mattresses that wore out too quickly.

Adjustable Sleep Number Bed
Sleep Number Bed

He and his wife found the adjustable sleep number bed supported his weight and didn't sag. Unlike a regular mattress, the firmness of the Sleep Number is adjustable.

No more sagging mattress! Oh, if I had only listened to his advice.

Note: I do not receive any commission or reward if you buy an adjustable Sleep Number bed.

Okay, enough about me. Below are the main things you need to know about Select Comfort Sleep Number beds.

Product Summary

Adjustable Sleep Number Bed     Most mattresses sold around the world are inner-spring mattresses. This means a mattress with actual metal springs inside that provide the support. The Select Comfort adjustable sleep number bed has no metal springs. Instead, the Sleep Number bed is a very fancy air mattress. Support is provided by inflatable chambers inside the mattress, and the air pressure (firmness) is adjustable by simply turning a knob.

The "number" part of the name refers to the firmness setting, which you control. "Your" sleep number is a number between zero and 100 that represents the ideal combination of mattress comfort, firmness, and support that gives you the best night's sleep possible.

Some people prefer a firm mattress, while others like a mattress with less support. The beauty of the adjustable Sleep Number bed is you can change the firmness any time you want. You can change it to a different setting every time you go to sleep, or leave it on the same setting once you find the firmness that is best for you.

Sleep Number beds come in eight different models (c2, c3, c4, p5, p6, p7, i8, and i10). As with any product, the fancier the model, the more it costs.

At the time I wrote this, the cheapest model (c2) was listed on the Select Comfort site starting at $999.98 ($41/mo). The most expensive model was listed at $4299.98 ($178/mo). In comparison, I paid $1,800 for my current mattress five years ago and it is now ready for the trash can.

Select Comfort has 400 company-owned stores across the continential United States. They also sell through the QVC shopping channel, partners in Canada and Australia, and home furnishing stores in Alaska and Hawaii.

Actual User Comments & Complaints

I always like to check for user comments before buying anything expensive like a mattress. Companies can spin the pros and cons different ways but users without a vested interest often tell the real truth.

So, I did a search around the web for praise and complaints about the Select Comfort Sleep Number bed. Below are some of the more enlightening comments.

"I have had this mattress for almost 14 years. My husband and I love it."
Portion of actual user review on Forum

"I am not a huge fan of the adjustable Sleep Number bed, but it's decent and I sleep well on it."
Portion of actual user review on Forum

"I agree with those who say they can't get comfy on the Sleep Number. My mom has one and loves it but to me it feels like a glorified air mattress."
Portion of actual user review on Forum

"My wireless remote quit working after about 5 years. Could have had to do that I spilled a large glass of water on it. Sleep Number replaced it without question, no charge and even paid for shipping of the *defective* remote."
Portion of actual user review on Forum

"...this bed has made sleeping during pregnancy much more comfy for me than it was during my last pregnancy with a standard mattress!"
Portion of actual user review on Forum

"It is the best bed we ever had, it takes a while to find your number... I have health issues, bad back and pmr and osteoarhtritis... when we go away we wish we could take our sleep number mattress with us."
Portion of actual user review on Forum

"We traded in a 2 year old temperpedic for an adjustable sleep number bed ... I love the sleep number since I can change it as I need to due to back issues."
Portion of actual user review on Forum

"I have had a Sleep Comfort Sleep Number bed for six years, and I cannot say enough about it. Absolutely fabulous!"
Portion of actual user review on Forum

"We returned ours last year within 2 weeks. It lost air alot and we got a replacement and then the bed started humming by itself..."
Portion of actual user review on Forum

As you can see, most user comments were positive, though there are certainly some negative comments too. You can be the judge about what to think.

More Details

The strange numbering for the models (c2, p6, etc.) is based on the three Select Comfort bed product lines.

  • Classic Series (the "c" series). This is the classic (original) design.
  • Performance Series (the "p" series). These models feature enhanced performance and comfort.
  • Innovation Series (the "i" series). These models offer the "premier experience in personalize comfort" along with innovations in sleep technology.

Unlike a traditional mattress made from metal coils and springs, Sleep Number beds contain air chambers that provide a cushion of support. In addition, each side of the bed is separately adjustable. That means couples can individually set their own side of the bed to whatever firmness is best for them.

The components of the bed are light weight, no-tool assembly. The fabric is Belgian Damask, and the mattress covers are removable for washing.

Return Policy / Guarantee

Select Comfort offers a 30-Night In-Home Trial on all of their mattresses. Basically you buy the mattress, have it shipped to your house and set up, then you sleep on it for 30 nights to see if you like it. If you don't, you have until 45 days after purchase to request a refund.

The guarantee refunds the full purchase price, but does not reimburse you for set up fees or return shipping fees. (There are no returns on demo models, closeouts, or Precision Comfort Adjustable Foundation beds.)

Sleep Numbers beds come with a 20-Year Limited Warranty.

Should You Buy It?

Whether or not you should purchase one of the Select Comfort adjustable sleep number beds is of course up to you. Hopefully I've provided some useful information on this page to help you make an educated decision.

For even more information about adjustable Sleep Number beds, consult the Select Comfort website.

Once I've saved enough money for a new mattress, I will personally take a very close look at the Select Comfort product line.

A restful night's sleep is one of the greatest gifts you can ever receive. A good night's sleep fills you full of energy the next day, gives you mental clarity, and can improve the consolidation of memories (which occurs during REM sleep).

Best of luck with your decision!

Published: 01/02/2011
Last Updated: 06/11/2020

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