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Word Bump
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Word Bump is a great game for improving your memory of English vocabulary. It also helps build cognitive control and concentration.

click the Small, Medium, or Large link under the picture at left to open the game in a pop-up window.

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Word Bump Instructions

The object of the game is to build words from random letters as quickly as possible. Seems to me that if you play this game often, your speaking ability should improve as well.

After all, the faster you can think of the appropriate words to say, the more effective you will be as a speaker.

To start playing Word Bump, click the green PLAY button. The game starts at Level 1.

HOW TO PLAY.  When you are ready to start the action, click the GO button.

When the GO button is clicked, a column of random letters displays. Letters have either a yellow, red, or blue background.

How it works:

  • Form words by selecting individual letters from the random letters displayed. After forming a word, click the SUBMIT button. Words can be up to 8 letters in length.
  • Bump all Golden Tiles to the top to win. To get a Golden Tile to move up, include letters from above the tile in your word.
  • Game is over if any Golden Tile drops below the board.
  • Letters of different colors can be used together to form words. Use like-colored tiles together to make power-ups faster.

Play word games like Word Bump often to keep your brain sharp!

Published: 09/18/2008
Last Updated: 06/11/2020

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