Miner Block Sokoban Puzzle

Sokoban Puzzle
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Miner Block sokoban puzzle is a series of block-pushing logic puzzles. Each new puzzle is a little more difficult than the last.

To begin, click the Small, Medium, or Large link under the picture of the game. This opens the game in a pop-up window.

Note: This is an HTML5 game. It does not require the Adobe Flash Player. The game should run in any modern browser.

Sokoban Instructions

This puzzle game improves concentration and logical thinking.

Note: The instructions below are for an older version of this game. The current version works pretty much the same way. It is a much better version, by the way.

Wait for the game to load, then click the "Play" button.

Sokoban is Japanese for "warehouse keeper". The object is to cover all the blue holders (X's) by moving the boxes over them.

The classic Sokoban game was invented in 1982 by Hiroyuki Imabayashi, president of Thinking Rabbit Inc. in Japan.

HOW TO PLAY. Following are the rules of Sokoban.

  1. Move boxes by pushing them using the arrow keys.

  2. You can only push one box at a time.

  3. The level is won when all the blue holders are covered.

On some levels there might be more boxes than box holders.

Sokoban being solved Animation by Carloseow / CC BY 3.0

This is usually a trick; some of the boxes will be placed in such a manner that it is impossible to get them over a holder.

If so, click the Skip Level button to go to the next screen.

Sometimes you might push a box into a corner, or against another box, in such a way that it is impossible to move the box further. In that case, click the Restart button to try the level again.

The trick to solving a Sokoban level is to plan ahead. Before moving any blocks, picture in your mind the sequence of steps necessary to clear the level.

That's where the brain training comes in. By visualizing the steps necessary to beat the level, you train short-term memory, logical and analytical thinking, and other brain skills.

This can be quite challenging!

Published: 12/01/2007
Last Updated: 06/11/2020

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