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new years mahjong
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Had enough festivities but still in the New Year's celebratory mood? Play this free online New Year's Mahjong game to keep your spirits high.

To begin, click the Small, Medium, or Large link under the picture of the game. This opens the game in a new window.

Games like mahjong train important brain skills like attention and visual perception.

New Year's Mahjong - Instructions

This mahjong tile game follows the usual rules of mahjong. Click pairs of matching tiles to remove them from the board. Clear the board to win!

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HOW TO PLAY. This online New Year's mahjong game follows the standard mahjong tile game rules. Remove all pairs of matching tiles from the board to win.

After the New Year's Mahjong game loads in the pop-up window, click the PLAY button on the game. This displays the Select a Level screen.

On the Select a Level screen, scroll through the available layouts by clicking on them. Then click the layout you want to play.

This mahjong game has 11 tile layouts related to New Year's Day. Choose from Classic, Martini, Midnight, Bubbly, Saxaphone, New York, Mask, Top Hat, Champagne, Ball Drop, and 2012.

Within each layout (other than Classic) the mahjong tiles are stacked in a shape that reflects the name of the layout. So the Martini tile layout is shaped like a martini glass, the New York layout is shaped like skyscrapers, the Mask layout is shaped like a masquerade ball mask, etc.

RULES. The rules for removing tiles are the same as most other standard mahjong games. Click two exact-matching tiles to remove them from the board.

However, only tiles that are not blocked can be removed. A tile is available if the left or right edge (or both) isn't blocked by another tile.

Also, the tile cannot be covered by another tile. Partially covered tiles cannot be used to form a matching pair.

Obviously, fully covered tiles cannot be used either, since you can't see what the image is. Smilie

New Year's Mahjong Tile Images

Form pairs of tiles that share the following icon New Year's images:

  • Musical notes of various kinds
  • select a level
    Select a Level screen

  • Top hats
  • Bow ties
  • Martini glasses
  • High-heel shoes
  • Masquerade masks
  • Analog clock set to midnight
  • Giant firework

You'll see the above New Year's images on the mahjong tiles, but also pay attention to the number. Some, like the bow ties, appear as one, two, three and more on a tile. Others, such as the top hat, have an associated Chinese character above the images.

To form a matching pair, both the type of image and its number must be the same.

New Year's Mahjong - Extra Features

TIMER. The count-up timer in the lower-left corner of the game displays the amout of time elapsed since you began solving the layout. Try to finish quicker each time you play.

PAUSE. Click the Pause button if you want to take a break during a layout in progress. This button is located in the upper left of the game window and looks like two vertical lines.

UNDO. If you change your mind about a move as soon as you make it, you can undo that move by clicking the Undo button. This button is located in the upper left of the game window and looks like an arrow.

HINT. If you get stuck and need a hint, click the light bulb button in the upper left of the game window. This Hint button highlights an available matching pair in the layout.

There doesn't appear to be a limit to how many times you can use the Hint button. Also, there doesn't seem to be any penalty (e.g., time penalty) for using it.

While a simple game, mahjong is not necessarily easy. It requires patience and a sharp eye.

Enjoy playing this free online mahjong game during New Year's or any time of the year the mood strikes you.

Published: 01/15/2016
Last Updated: 06/11/2020

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