MindFields 2: The Russian Tundra

MindFields 2
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Second in the series, MindFields 2: The Russian Tundra is a challenging puzzle and strategy game.

To begin, click the Small, Medium, or Large link or PLAY GAME button under the picture of the game at left. This opens the game in a pop-up window.

Use items in your inventory to advance through levels so your tank reaches the flag.

MindFields 2 Instructions

This game trains working memory, concentration, and strategic thinking skills.

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HOW TO PLAY. In MindFields 2, it's war yet again, and you must find a way through enemy lines. Use the items in the toolbox on the right to assign actions on the battlefield.

Wait for the game to load, then click the "Begin Mission" button.

After carefully positioning your items on the battlefield, click the START ENGINE button.

This activates your tank and sets in motion the sequence of events determined by the items you placed on the field and by the position of the enemy's items.

THE ITEMS. Use orange arrows to change the direction of your tank. Black arrows cannot be moved.

Avoid or shoot Tesla Turrets and Mines. Turrets shoot a deadly ray within a range of three tiles.

The yellow shield protects you from the Tesla rays. Use shooting symbols to fire the cannon or destroy turrets or mines.

NEW FEATURES IN MINDFIELDS 2. Deadly Tesla Gates can be switched off or on by stepping on the switch. Damaged Gates can be avoided, choosing a certain path or by using a stop/start engine tile.

The Teleport Tile in inventory looks like the letter "T". Place two of these tiles in different locations to jump from one part of the battlefield to another.

EXAMPLE: In Level 1, you are presented with a simple island scenario with one enemy Tesla Tank and one enemy Mine. There are no orange arrows, but there is one black arrow pointing east.

To solve this level, use the four-way cannon and two Teleport Tiles in your inventory to get your tank to the flag.

Hint: place the cannon where it can destroy both the enemy tank and mine; set the teleport tiles in a position that will jump you to the opposite side of the flag.

Game distributed by FreeGames14.com. Used with Permission.

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