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Mega Miner
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Mega Miner is a fun mining game that challenges your brain. Dig deep for minerals and gems, and then sell them for a profit!

To begin, click the Small, Medium, or Large link under the picture of the game. This opens the game in a pop-up window.

Use your income to buy mining upgrades, and complete mining "missions" for extra cash.

Mega Miner - Instructions

Mega Miner trains concentration, thinking speed, and problem solving skills.

Note: The on-screen instructions are easiest to read if you choose the "Large" size pop-up window.

In Mega Miner, there are lots of resources for you to discover - including coal, iron, silver, gold, sapphires, emeralds, rubies, and diamonds.

But harvesting them isn't always easy. The most valuable material is deep underground and more challenging to collect.

(Hint: Click the Map tab on the right edge of the screen to see where nearby mineral deposits are located.)

This game is more than just collecting rocks. You'll need to carefully manage your time, equipment, and resources.

For example, your mining ship may need repairs at the Mechanic shop from time to time. You will likely want to purchase upgrades for your ship, including better drills, larger fuel tanks, and coolant systems. And fuel itself is an expense.

All these things cost money, so you'll need to use your thinking skills to make this a profitable enterprise!

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HOW TO PLAY. A short advertisement usually appears when the game window opens. Afterward, click the PLAY button to open the Mega Miner menu screen. Click the "New Game" button to start a new game, or click the "Load Game" button to continue playing one of your previously saved sessions.

When starting a new game, click an empty slot (1,2, or 3) to use to save the game session later. To open a saved game, click the Load Game button, then choose which of your saved games (Slot 1, 2, or 3) you want to continue playing.

You can save up to three separate Mega Miner game sessions. For the "save game" feature to work, you need to have cookies enabled in your browser.

Mega Miner save game slots

To save during game play, drive your mining ship to the Save tower and press the Spacebar. This saves your game in whichever "save slot" you selected from the main menu. You can "save over" the same game an unlimited number of times.

GETTING STARTED. You begin the Mega Miner game with $300 in your account. You can use your money to purchase upgraded mining equipment. These upgrades can help you harvest gems, gold, and other minerals more efficiently. You'll also need money to pay for periodic repairs and to buy fuel.

Here are the first hints from the in-game tutorial:

Use the arrow keys to drive around. Press the down arrow to start drilling.
Pay attention to your dials. The lower left dials show your health and hold capacity, while the lower right dials show the temperature and your fuel level.

As you progress through Mega Miner, on-screen hints like these appear automatically to help you learn the game. Press the Spacebar to close a hint.

Mineral Value Chart

MINING MINERALS. Look at the underground portion of the screen for mineral deposits. The minerals appears as areas of loose rock in the soil.

Next, use the Arrow keys to drive your miner down to the minerals to harvest them. To collect the minerals, simply driver your mining ship over them. The first mineral I found was "COAL".

From the tutorial:

You have mined your first resource. Resources can be sold at the market.
Different resources sell for different amounts. You will have to drill deeper to find the more valuable ones.

SELLING MINERALS. To sell at the market, drive your mining ship to the front of the market building, then press the Spacebar. This opens the Welcome to My Market window.

One unit of Coal (the least valuable resource) sells for $20, for example. To sell the minerals that are in your cargo hold, click the "Sell" button on the Welcome to My Market window. This adds the money to your account and removes the mineral(s) from your cargo hold.


UPGRADES. After you have earned some cash by selling minerals or completing missions, visit the Upgrades store. There you can purchase attachments and equipment for your Mega Miner ship.

There are six categories of upgrades you can buy: Drills, Chassis, Tank, Cooler, Hold, and Items.

Within each category, the items are priced from low to high. Based on the prices of some of the high-end equipment, it looks like you'll need to do quite a bit of mining to afford the fancy stuff.

1) Drills (4 types, for breaking through tough rock):

  • Sapphire Drill. This affordable drill will speed up your drilling, saving you time and fuel. Cost: $600.

  • Emerald Drill. This drill is not only fast, but has no problem breaking through stone. Cost: $8,000.

  • Ruby Drill. Ready for some serious speed? This drill chews through earth and stone. Cost: $20,000.

  • Diamond Drill. The Ultimate drill. Nothing can stop it, not even solid rock! Cost: $80,000.

2) Chassis (4 types, to decrease hull damage):

  • Light Chassis. Light plate is better than no plate, and it comes cheapt! Cost: $500.

  • Medium Chassis. Drill through stone with minimum damage thanks to this medium plating. Cost: $2,000.

  • Heavy Chassis. This heavy plating will make visits to the mechanic a rare event. Cost: $9,000.

  • Armored Chassis. For the serious miner, this double layer armor plate will withstand a small bomb! Cost: $22,000.

3) Tank (4 types, this is your fuel tank):

  • 10L Tank. Fuel is vital for drilling deeper. This tank will get you started. Cost: $400.

  • 20L Tank. Mine for longer without the need to refuel. Cost: $9,000.

  • 30L Tank. Stay underground longer with this high capacity tank. Cost: $24,000.

  • 40L Tank. The biggest and the best. Spend time mining, not refueling. Cost: $50,000.

4) Cooler (4 types, protects your mining drill from overheating):

  • Fan. The deeper you go, the hotter it gets. This fan will keep you cool for longer. Cost: $800.

  • Dual Fan. Still too hot for you? Two fans are better than one! Cost: $5,000.

  • Cooling System. Fans not enough? This cooling system uses advanced technology to keep you cool. Cost: $18,000.

  • Climate Control. This lets you operate in temeratures up to 1,000 degrees! Cost: $60,000.

5) Hold (4 types, increases the capacity of your cargo hold):

  • 15 Units. Need more storage space? This hold provides it at a low price. Cost: $750.

  • 20 Units. An even bigger hold means fewer trips to the surface. Cost: $10,000.

  • 25 Units. Tired of leaving valuable minerals behind? Expand to this 25 capacity hold. Cost: $23,000.

  • 30 Units. This massive hold will ensure you get maximum $$$ when you return to the surface. Cost: $55,000.

6) Items (5 types, various gear to make mining easier):

  • Repair Kit. Avoid trips to the mechanic. Restores 50% health. Single use. Cost: $500.

  • Extra Fuel. Avoid expensive rescue costs. Restores 25% fuel. Single use. Cost: $500.

  • Sonar Pulse. The best in sonar tech. Reveals the area around you. Single use. Cost: $250.

  • Teleporter. Place this underground, and move freely between it and the surface. Single use. Cost: $1,200.

  • Dynamite. Kabooom! Destroys everything around it. Single use. Cost: $300.

Note: To view your current items, click the Items tab on the left side of the screen.

To purchase any of the upgrades, click the name of the upgrade to highlight it, then click the Buy button.

Missions Board

MISSIONS. There are quite a few missions available in Mega Miner. Working on missions is a fun way to get extra cash.

Unlike missions in other games, you don't need to "accept" a mission to work on it. You actually work on all the missions at the same time.

To check your progress toward a particular mission goal, simple check the Mission Board periodically.

From the tutorial:

Visit the Missions Board to discover ways to earn extra money. Clicking on a mission will show your progress.

Some of the mission types in Mega Miner include: Coal Miner, Iron Miner, Silver Miner, Gold Miner, Saphire Miner, Emerald Miner, Ruby Miner, ans Diamond Miner.

These missions involve finding and extracting resources for a reward. For example, the Coal Miner mission requires you to find and collect 20 pieces of coal. The reward for completing the Coal Miner mission is $400.

But missions don't stop there. There are more challenging and lucrative ones such as Digging Deep, Under Pressure, Rock Bottom, Black Box, Lost King, Treasure!, Giant Gems, Explorer, Prospector, and Excavator.

The advanced mission types don't always involve minerals. For example, for the Treasure! mission, you need to find the loot buried by an old bounty hunter. Your reward: $10,000.

REPAIRS and FUEL. Visit the Mechanic shop to make repairs to your ship. To purchase fuel, visit the fuel depot.

"Tycoon" style games like Mega Miner make great brain games. They challenge your brain on many different levels. You have to use logic, planning, memory, and problem solving skills to be successful at these games. Enjoy!

Published: 07/21/2012
Last Updated: 06/11/2020

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