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janes hotel online game
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This Janes Hotel online game is an entertaining way to train your brain. Rent rooms, serve food, and keep the rooms clean while managing your own hotel!

To begin, click the Small, Medium, or Large link under the picture of the game. This opens the game in a pop-up window.

Games like Janes Hotel strengthen brain skills related to time management, including perception and planning ability.

Janes Hotel Online Game - Instructions

In the beginning, your hotel is small and plain. Use your profits to upgrade amenities and services. That's a sure-fire way to please your guests.

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HOW TO PLAY. Janes Hotel is a point and click game. You control all activities in the game by clicking with the mouse.

For example, to give a set of keys to a new guest, first click the keys under your manager's desk, then click the guest.

"Image bubbles" appear when an item or service is being requested or is needed. For instance, when a guest wants you to turn on the TV in the lobby, an image bubble of a TV appears above the guest's head.

When one of the rooms at Jane's hotel need vacuuming, an image bubble of a vacuum appears by that room's door. Similarly, when a guest wants a newspaper, an image of a folded newspaper appears by the guest.

In a few instances, a bubble doesn't appear so you need to pay close attention. For instance, if the plants in the lobby start to wilt from lack of water, no image bubble appears, but you still need to water them.

janes hotel online game
Hotel guest requests coffee

TIP: Success in this Janes Hotel online game depends on your perception and quick reaction time. The faster you provide a service to a customer (e.g., bring them coffee) or maintain the hotel (e.g., water the plants), the higher your popularity score will be.

This is important for progressing through each level. To progress to the subsequent day, you must reach your daily money goal and popularity goal.

GETTING STARTED. When the hotel game first opens, the Enter Your Name screen appears. Type in your player name and press the OK button. (You can change your player name anytime from the Janes Hotel menu by clicking the bus' license plate below the menu.)

The Janes Hotel game menu then appears on the right side. You can choose from Start, Options, Scores, or Get It.

janes hotel online game
A busy day at Janes Hotel

Click the START button to begin playing. The Options selection is use adjust the sound volume in the game. You can also toggle the music and Show Tips options.

The Scores selection didn't work when I tried it. I assume it displayed a leaderboard at some point. The Get It selection is available if you decide to purchase the full version of Janes Hotel from the developer.

MANAGING THE HOTEL. When you click the START button, the Day 1 Goal screen appears. This displays the dollar goal and popularity rating your hotel must reach by the end of Day 1 to advance to Day 2. Click the goal screen to start the day.

Don't stress out if you miss a day's goals. You'll get a chance to try again and repeat the day.

At the beginning of each day there are no guests. So the first order of business is to greet hotel guests as they arrive and check them in.

Hand keys to guests of Janes Hotel as they arrive. Click the keys under your desk, then click the guest to hand them their room key.

janes hotel online game
Upgrade your hotel at the Shop

Pay attention to various image bubbles as they appear around the hotel, and address those needs immediately.

When a guest requests coffee, for instance, click the coffee machine on the right side of the screen. Then click the guest who requested the coffee

A round timer displays next to each request. If the timer runs out before you address, you lose all the points, so be sure to act quickly in each case.

THE UPGRADE SHOP. The Janes Hotel online game even includes an upgrades shop. Between days, you'll have the opportunity to purchase furniture for the hotel using in-game money.

For example, you can add a fish tank, plants, a sofa and TV, and pictures for the walls. The upgrades you add to the hotel increase the number of popularity points earned during the day.

Making improvements to Janes Hotel is essential for progressing to higher levels. You've got to keep those guests happy!

THE MAID. Fortunately, you do have some help. A maid is in the employ of Janes Hotel. She takes care of vacuuming and watering the plants.

But you have to manage the maid and ask her to do each task. When a vacuum cleaner appears on a guest's door, click the vacuum cleaner icon in the lower left of the Janes Hotel online game screen (next to the picture of the maid).

Then click the door of the guest who is requesting the vacuuming. The maid will go vacuum the room.

If you need to pause the game or want to adjust any of the options, click the MENU button in the lower right of the screen. This displays the options. Click the RESUME button to continue playing the game.

The Janes Hotel online game is an engaging time management brain game. The numerous demands on your attention only increase as you progress through the levels.

Believe me, by the time you reach Day 6 or 7, your brain will be working in overdrive.

Published: 05/02/2015
Last Updated: 06/11/2020

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