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This helicopter flash game is looks simple but is quite challenging. Pilot your copter as deep into the cave as possible without crashing.

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Note: The HTML5/Mobile version is an HTML5 game. It does not require the Adobe Flash Player. It is a similar game by a different game developer.

Instructions - Helicopter Flash Game

But you will crash, believe me. A lot! In fact, crashing the helicopter is a virtual certainty, every time.

But there is a genius to the design of this helicopter game. Frustrated by your poor performance, you'll feel compelled to try again, to go farther than you have before.

Games like this free online helicopter flash game train important brain skills like concentration and reaction time. For more free games similar to this, check out my Concentration Games page.

HOW TO PLAY. The object of this flash game is to pilot your helicopter deep into the cave.

You need to avoid the roof and floor of the cave, and the floating walls. If your helicopter bumps any of these, it will crash.

You only get one life, although you can play the game over and over. Crashing means you must begin again at the entrance of the cave.

The game remembers your previous long distance as long as you keep the game pop-up window open.

Try to go deeper and deeper into the cave. For example, if you crash at a depth of 525 feet, try to fly farther than that the next time.

My personal record is just over 1,000 feet. Make no mistake, this game is tough!

TO FLY THE HELICOPTER, click the left mouse button repeatedly to raise the helicopter up. Or, you can briefly hold down the mouse button to elevate the copter.

To lower the helicopter, release the mouse button and let gravity do its thing. Note that the helicopter descends faster than it rises.

The helicopter's forward speed is constant and cannot be changed.

helicopter flash game

The point of this game in terms of brain training is to focus intently on an object and react quickly to the changing environment. Try to concentrate on the helicopter while maintaining awareness of the cave roof, floor, and the next approaching obstacle wall.

Obstacles in this helicopter flash game appear one at a time. Keep your attention heightening yet relaxed, focusing on the next wall coming up.

I've had the best luck keeping the helicopter toward the cave ceiling when possible. It's easier to lose elevation by letting go of the mouse button and letting gravity drop the helicopter quickly than it is to rapidly gain height by holding down the mouse button.

Take a short break from this game every few minutes. After crashing my copter 10 times in a row, my head starts to spin a little from concentrating so hard on the screen.

At that point, I'll get up from the computer and walk around a minute or two. I find my ability to concentrate is improved after a short break.

There actually may be an exit to the cave, which you can reach if you fly far enough. I'm not expert enough at this game to ever have made it out of the cave to confirm this.

But if you make it to the end, congratulations! You have superior reaction time and powers of concentration.

After you've burned out playing this helicopter game (which will happen eventually), give Gyroball or Drag Racer a try. These are excellent flash game for training focus and reaction time.

For more ways to strengthen your attention span, check out my Improve Your Concentration page.

This online helicopter game is quite addictive. It's kind of like a bag of potato chips.

You can't eat just one chip. In this case, you can't play this helicopter flash game just once. The desire to beat your previous distance keeps you coming back for more.

Published: 04/25/2014
Last Updated: 06/11/2020

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