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Emerald Thief
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Emerald Thief trains visual perception, logical reasoning, and reaction time.

These brain skills are useful during any activity where problem solving and quick reflexes are needed.

To begin, click the Small, Medium, or Large link under the picture of the game. This opens the game in a pop-up window.

Emerald Thief Instructions

After it loads, click the "PLAY" button on the lower right of the game.

Try to steal the valuable emerald from the museum. Avoid detection while locating keys and then the emerald itself. If any of the security devices touch you, it's game over!

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HOW TO PLAY.  Carefully check the map of the museum. To complete the game, you must reach the Emerald Chamber and steal the precious jewel.

Collect keys to open the closed doors. The color of the key matches the color of the door.

The precious emerald is, of course, green. Steal the emerald and escape from the building before the cops arrive.

Use the Arrow keys to move. Stay alert and avoid the laser beams, robots, and cameras to avoid being caught.

HINT: Check the map if you get lost. Pay attention to special instructions that appear in the lower left corner.

I hope you enjoyed playing Emerald Thief!

Emerald Thief Champion

To escape with the emerald, you have to locate the secret password. The first person to find the password, finish the game, and report it to me was:

Good work Andy!!  You are one in a million.

If you finish the Emerald Thief game, I'll include your name in the list of Brainiacs below. To submit your name, send me a message using the form on my Contact Me page.

Include your first name (and last name, if you want) and the name of your city and country. You also need to tell me what the message says at the end of the game.

More Brainiacs Who Completed Emerald Thief:

  • Christopher Nivens - Branson, Missouri, USA (10/15/19)
  • Don Poznicek - Las Vegas, Nevada, USA (2/13/16)
  • Logan Bergeron - Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA (7/07/14)
  • James P.B. - Louisiana, USA (04/16/14)
  • David Davis - Thomasville, North Carolina, USA (08/17/13)
  • Arivalaki - Chennai, India (07/26/12)
  • Mohamed Rameez - Chennai, India (07/24/12)
  • Ameer Humza - Kolkata, India (05/20/11)

Published: 04/29/2010
Last Updated: 06/11/2020

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