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Demolition City
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Demolition City 1 is a building demolition logic game. Set your charges carefully, then fire them to knock down the buildings. This game trains concentration and logical reasoning.

To begin, click the Small, Medium, or Large link under the picture of the game. This opens the game in a pop-up window.

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Demolition City - Instructions

This physics game has 20 levels of demolition fun. There's no time limit on each level, so take your time when setting your charges. You begin at Level 1, unlocking subsequent levels as you go.

Start with Level 1 and work your way up through all the challenging levels! Demolitions become more complicated to figure out as you progress, so put your thinking cap on.

After the game loads, click the PLAY button on the first screen, then click the START button on the menu screen.

On each level, you are presented with the framework of a multi-story building. Your goal is to set your charges in a precise way to sever the structural members.

The result you want is for the beams of the building to fall below the blue horizontal line on the screen.

If the pile of rubble is higher than the blue line, your demolition is a failure. Fail a demo, and you won't unlock the next level. The good news, though, is that you can repeat the levels as many times as you need to!

How the Game Play Works

Demolition City - demo totals
Demo Totals screen

Knock down each building in three easy steps:

  1. Place your charges on the concrete.

  2. Hit the BOOM! button.

  3. Get the building rubble below the blue line marker to win.

Demos are relatively easy in the beginning. The buildings are smaller, and the number of charges you are allowed to use is fewer and/or the charges are weaker.

Depending on how complete your demolition is, you'll receive a higher or lower "payment" for the job (see image at left).

The amount of dollars you've earned diplays in the lower left of the game screen. The amount is cumulative as you progress, meaning that the more buildings you demolish, the higher your payment total will go.

demolition city
Height & Rubble lines

The charges themselves are displayed to the right of the payment total. For example, if you see 3 / 3, it means you have 3 charges available to use, and that you haven't placed any of them on the building yet.

The screen area near the building provides you with two stats: the building height, and the line below which the rubble must fall. Setting the charges just anyplace isn't going to work, by the way, especially at higher levels.

You need to look carefully at the structure, and consider where the load-bearing points are located, etc.

As you go about setting the charges, imagine what effect each charge will have.

For instance, if you set your charges evenly across the building's supporting pillars, what will sometimes happen is the remains of the building will prop themselves up because the remaining weight is still evenly distributed. Try to approach the problem the way a demolitions expert might consider it.

What Makes Demolition City a Brain Game

Demolition City is a physics and logic game. It trains essentially two brain skills: 1) concentration and 2) logical reasoning.

That it trains concentration is probably obvious. You must focus carefully on the existing building as it is, identify any weak points, load-bearing areas, notice the types of building materials and their relative strength, and so on.

You have to engage your powers of observation. This is the essence of concentration.

Your logical reasoning skills are trained by Demolition City, too. In particular, this game has you engaging in inductive reasoning, also known as "induction".

Induction is one of the three types of logical reasoning. The other two are abductive reasoning and deductive reasoning.

When using induction, you are given the starting conditions and you know what the ending condition needs to be. What you don't know is the "rule", or process of how to get from starting point to ending point.

The starting point in Demolition City is the standing building. The end point is the pile of rubble, no higher than the blue line. How to get from A to B is your job - your mind's job, in particular.

Using your powers of inductive thinking, you'll solve each level (or not). In any case, just the act of trying to figure them out exercises the logical side of your brain.

Practice this over and over enough - not just with this game, but in any inductive situation in life - and your powers of reasoning will increase!

Published: 02/24/2012
Last Updated: 06/11/2020

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