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Blackboard Squash
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Blackboard Squash trains reaction time and spatial orientation skills. You need to be very quick to stay alive for long in this game.

To begin, click the Small, Medium, or Large link or PLAY GAME button under the picture at left. This opens the game in a pop-up window.

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Blackboard Squash Instructions

Then click the PLAY GAME button on the game screen to get started.

The short instructions display first. I have reproduced them below. To skip the instructions, click the "Skip" button on the game screen. And if you like this game, you might also enjoy Cube Field and the Helicopter Game.

HOW TO PLAY.  As is true with most concentration games, your objective in Blackboard Squash is simple but not easy. Try not to get squashed by the objects drawn on the blackboard!

To survive you'll need to move fast and think quick.

Use the Arrow Keys (Left/Right, Up/Down) on your keyboard to move your chalk man. Each level presents a special challenge.

Sometimes the game screen rotates, placing your chalk man on the side or even upside down on the top of the chalkboard.

Other times, your character shrinks or enlarges, making the challenge of avoiding the obstacles even more difficult.

Be prepared, because all sorts of objects fall toward you. Some even sweep from side to side. You absolutely need to remain alert every moment.

The variety as well as changing perspective, direction, and speed are what make Blackboard Squash a real brain game.

Note: There's no option for muting the in-game music. So you'll have to do that manually by turning down your speakers. To Pause the game, click the Main Menu button in the lower right of the game screen.

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