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This Angry Bird game is an internet version of the Angry Birds game you may have played on your iPhone. Angry Birds trains concentration and visual perception.

To begin, click the Small, Medium, or Large button under the picture of the game. This opens the game in a pop-up window.

The birds are angry! The evil green pigs stole the eggs from the birds' nest. The birds plan to get revenge by catapulting themselves at the pigs to squash them. But the pigs are ready: they've built structures to protect themselves.

Note: The instructions below are for the old Adobe Flash game.

Angry Bird Game - Instructions

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This flash game was apparently created in China. Since the writing is in Chinese, I explain below which buttons you need to click. The game also has a large file size (7MB), so it may take awhile to load, especially on a slow internet connection.

Alternatively, you may want to try Rovio's Chrome Version of Angry Birds. It loads faster and is in English.

The downside of the Rovio version is that it's only certified for the Google Chrome browser. If it doesn't work on your browser, you'll probably get a sorry screen.

It'll have a message like, "We're sorry, but it appears that your browser does not currently support the web technologies needed to play Angry Birds."

Angry Birds Start Button 

HOW TO PLAY. When the game first loads, you have to wait about 12 seconds for an advertisement to display. Then the main splash screen appears.

At left is a picture of the Start button on the splash screen. Click the yellow button with the Chinese writing on it to open the Menus screen.

On that screen are four boxes. Click the light blue box on the left to open the Levels screen. Then click which level you want to play (by number).

Angry Birds consists of dozens of levels of birds versus pigs. The rules are simple. Use the slingshot to catapult your birds toward the pigs' domains, bursting the pigs in as few attempts as possible.

At right is a typical pig house. Notice the defensive structures the pigs have erected to protect themselves from incoming bird bombs, such as stacks of blocks and boulders. You'll need to study the pigs' defenses carefully before you launch any birds.

This game definitely requires careful planning, especially at higher levels where the pigs' defenses become more complex. Firing away willy-nilly won't be sufficient, because you'll run out of birds before you defeat all the pigs.

  Angry Birds pig house

Use your mouse to shoot the slingshot. To do this, first place your cursor over the bird that's in the sling. Hold down the mouse button, and drag the mouse to the left. This stretches the slingshot. Then move the mouse up or down to change your angle. When ready, release the mouse button. The bird goes soaring toward the pigs! And hopefully knocks some of them down.

HINT: Some types of birds have special powers. Activate their power by quickly clicking the screen after you launch the bird. For example, the yellow angry bird has a "speed boost" feature that makes him fly faster (and hit harder)! Blue birds divide into three birds if you click during flight.

Angry Birds controls On completing each level, you are presented with three options (see image at left). If you wish, click the Levels Menu button to go back and replay other levels you've completed.

Or, you can replay the current level. You might want to do this if you failed the level or want to try for a higher score. Finally, you can progress to the next level, assuming you completed the current level successfully.

Angry Birds took the mobile world by storm, and with good reason. It's a lot of fun to play. Fortunately, you now have options for playing it on your computer as well.

Be sure to set aside at least 10 minutes a day to play brain games. Besides online games, playing offline crossword puzzles, math puzzles like Sudoku, board games, card games, etc., on real paper or against real people in person, is also an excellent choice to help stretch and grow your brain.

Published: 10/23/2011
Last Updated: 06/11/2020

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