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Memory Skills Made Easy - Children's Edition
Children's Edition
  Want to improve memory skills without reading through my entire website? Jim Sarris, a teacher from New York, has compiled the best memory techniques into an easy-to-use, downloadable package he calls "Memory Skills Made Easy."

Jim is a high school teacher and adult education instructor. He decided to create this memory improvement program several years ago after noticing that many students, including his own son, were unable to hold onto information long enough to use it.

Jim’s program is unique and easy-to-use because he is a teacher by profession and knows how to explain material simply and clearly.

Memory Skills Made Easy was designed for either adults or childen who want to improve memory skills. Because the learning style of adults differs from that of younger students, Jim created two versions. You can order the adult edition or student edition (or both) depending on your needs. When you invest in his product, you also get bonus e-books on test taking and success learning skills for even more value.

Jim covers all the most effective ways to improve memory skills, from mnemonics like acrostics to memory systems such as the Roman Room, Story, Link, and Pegword methods. He even describes techniques for improving attention and concentration, and reducing the anxiety and stress associated with learning.

  Memory Skills Made Easy - Adult Edition
Edition for Adult Learners

With both the adult and student editions of Memory Skills Made Easy, you get:

  • 56-page Memory Skills Made Easy downloadable e-book

  • 11 memory skills lessons in mp3 audio format

  • Bonus #1: 155 Proven Test-Taking Strategies e-book

  • Bonus #2: 52 Instant Learning Success Tips e-book

  • 100% money-back guarantee

The techniques Jim explains can be used by students of all ages to improve memory skills. Whether the subject is math, chemistry, literature, business, or remembering tasks and information in daily life, these methods work. I know from experience!

Memory Skills Made Easy audio lessons
Memory Skills Made Easy audio lessons
in my MP3 player
 Even if your goal is to simply recall where you left your car keys, or what your ATM PIN number is, or when your upcoming appointments are, Jim teaches you simple ways to remember.

I've known Jim for several years. He's an upstanding person who stands by his products and has worked hard to provide tremendous value.

That's why Jim offers a complete money back guarantee. He's certain that anyone who really wants to improve memory skills, learn faster, and decrease forgetfulness will be delighted with the material in Memory Skills Made Easy.

The Visualization section is one of my favorite parts of the program. Visualization is a memory strengthening technique where you imagine, in advance, succeeding in a upcoming memory performance (such as taking an exam or giving a speech). This is just one of many powerful, easy-to-use methods for improving memory skills and recall.

Private tutors and learning specialists charge hundreds of dollars for just a few hours of their time. Through Jim's audio materials and e-books you are getting a private memory improvement tutor, Jim Sarris himself, at a fraction of the cost.

Memory improvement is like the old saying: "Give someone a fish, and you feed them for a day; teach them how to fish, and you feed them for a lifetime." Once you learn the memory skills, you can "fish" on your own. Then you no longer need the tutors or learning specialists. You can memorize and remember things without their help.

I’ve used the techniques Jim explains to transform my own approach to remembering. I can’t tell you how many times I said "I have a bad memory" when I was younger. Now I impress people with my ability to remember things easily.

Get Memory Skills Made Easy here

This is a transformation you can experience too. It doesn't matter how learning challenged you think you are. The memory skills techniques work, plain and simple. And few instructors are able to explain them more clearly than Jim Sarris.

I recommend you read the testimonials on his website. There are entire high schools where instructors use his techniques as an official part of the teaching process.

Here are examples of feedback from actual users of Memory Skills Made Easy:

"I've been an educator for 33 years. I'm now helping tutor students, mostly students who have ADD or ADHD, and I have found Memory Skills Made Easy a fantastic program to teach the students."
Kathleen Roth, Teacher, Atlanta, GA

"I'm an Administrator of a high school, and last month I ordered Memory Skills Made Easy from Jim Sarris... It has been very helpful not only professionally, but also personally with my own daughter who has learning disabilities."
Star Wahnon, Principal, Central Islip High School, Long Island, NY

"I went back to Graduate School last year at age 55.... I decided to try Memory Skills Made Easy because I was worried about remembering all the information. I was really surprised when I started using the skills in the program. I am really happy with how much I've improved.... for someone like me, it was a great find."
Edward Mase, New Haven, CT

The comments from parents of autistic and ADD children are especially moving. They rave how Memory Skills Made Easy has helped turn their children from poor learners into enthusiastic and effective students. If this program can help autistic children learn and improve memory skills, consider how effective it can be for you!

From the best memory techniques to ways for reducing anxiety and remembing more, it’s all in Jim Sarris' Memory Skills Made Easy program. If you buy one memory improvement book or program this year, consider this one.

A major benefit of owning Memory Skills Made Easy is that you have all the memory aids and techniques in one easy-to-use package of e-books and audio lessons. It is my pleasure to offer Memory Skills Made Easy as a resource on this site.

Best regards,

DISCLOSURE: Just so you know, I am an affiliate of Jim Sarris' program. That means if you purchase Memory Skills Made Easy through the links on this page, I'll receive a small commission that helps to support this website.

I have no qualms about recommending Memory Skills Made Easy to you. I own Jim's product and stand behind all the techniques he explains. They do work!

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