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british constitution solitaire
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British Constitution solitaire is an unusual type of card solitaire where you promote citizens to government. Give it a try!

To begin, click the Small, Medium, or Large link under the picture of the game. This opens the game in a pop-up window.

Clear the board by moving cards from the bottom row to the top. See below for rules.

Instructions - British Constitution Solitaire

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HOW TO PLAY. This version of card solitaire is similar to the patience or klondike solitaire you may be familiar with. In particular, the goal is the same: to move the cards from the tableau to the foundation piles.

There is also a draw pile, and you can stack cards on the tableau that are sequential and of alternating color.

But this solitaire game is also quite different. There's a little story here. Your goal is to promote regular "citizens" up to the level of "government".

The cards on the bottom row are the citizens. The cards on the top row (the foundation piles) are the government. The second row, right below the government row, is the privy council.

You need to move cards up the board and into the privy council row, then to the government foundation piles. Build the foundation piles up from Ace to Jack to finish the game.

Move a card by dragging with the mouse. In some cases, you can double-click the card to move it up into position.

All cards from the rows below the privy council must ascend one row at a time. No skipping rows.

You can build down in alternating colors any card on a card in the row above it. For example, you can place a black 7 on a red 8 above it.

draw pile
Draw Pile is on the left

There are no Kings or Queens in this British Constitution solitaire game. Just Aces, Jacks, and 2 through 10 cards.

Start by looking at the second row, the privy council. Do you seen any deuces (2's)? If so, move them up to the government foundation pile having the same suit as the deuce.

Then start looking at the rows below. Try and move up the lower-value cards to as high a row as you can. Remember, the idea is to build up the top row foundation piles.

When a card is promoted up a level, it leaves a gap in the original row. You must fill this gap before doing anything else.

To fill a gap in any row except the last row, drag a card from the row below the gap. You don't have to choose the card immediately below the gap.

The game fills any gap in the last row automatically from the draw pile. You can also draw from the draw pile manually by double-clicking it.

Notice the timer and score boxes at the bottom. Each time you play this solitaire game, try to beat your previous times or score.

There is also an Undo button in the lower left in case you want to undo a move. Click the ? button near there to review the rules. If you want to end the current hand and restart, click the End Game button in the lower right of the game.

Games like British Constitution card solitaire train important brain skills like concentration, memory, and logical reasoning skills. Play this game often to give your brain a boost!

Published: 05/23/2017
Last Updated: 06/11/2020

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